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 A world on fire, war, poverty, free speech, power, privilege, the cult of personality, republic v monarchy, and fiercely contested versions of history, or histories . . . all fertile material and themes for poets - so get your best poems in for Issue 11 of The Poets' Republic. We're not looking for speeches or overt manifesto poems, but the sharpest unpublished poems you've got - well crafted, subtle or polemic, historical or contemporary, and in any form or style - that rise to the moment  . . .  in English, Gaelic and Scots. As always with this magazine, we welcome submissions from all under-represented people. As part of a new twin-track approach, the accepted poems for Issue 11 will appear either in online or print formats, with the selection at the discretion of the editors. Please email up to three poems in word.document only, using standard fonts (and no pictures) to: and for poems in Gaelic.  Be sure to include your contact details/address and a third-person biography of up to thirty words. Please observe these guidelines as your submission could be rejected outright if it creates unnecessary admin, or if you contact the editors via other email addresses or social media. The deadline for submissions is September 28th, and Issue 11 is due to be published in mid to late October. (Unfortunately, as much as we would wish to, we cannot make financial payments to contributors at present. A free contributor's copy will be posted out, of course.)  Up the Republic!

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